Sunday, 10 November 2013

Five things I believe that fellas can do to score that illustrious second date.

Now first and foremost I must insert a disclaimer here, I am no love guru, I am no relationship expert and I am most certainly no Dr Phil. But yeah I'm bored and I haven't updated this blog for ages and I figured that since it's the holidays, for most people, it's time to hook up! Haha and I mean this in the most innocent sense possible, you know with more time on people's hands, traditionally I believe that this is the time when guys start asking girls out and girls generally have nothing better to do than to give a guy a chance. Now this chance is extremely important, because if the first date goes well, who knows who far the relationship could go. So I've decided to give my two cents worth on how to rock a first date. Josh-style.

1. Do your damned homework. Obviously in most cases you talk to the girl for a little while before she agrees to go on a date with you, and yes sometimes the odd lightning bolt lands and you go out with someone you are complete strangers with, but more often than not you do some talking beforehand. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  While talking usually refers to a proactive action, by talking I actually mean listening. So I actually mean, listen, like really listen, it's easy to look at a girl and see her lips moving and hear what she is saying while your brain is working, thinking of a million other interesting topics or cool facts or jokes to bring up. Listening actually can help, heaps! I think it also pisses a girl off if you ask her something she has already said, like 3 seconds before? So yeah listening and understanding and getting to know the girl is pretty damn important in making her feel that she matters, and actually connecting with her. So how do we apply this in the date scenario? Easy peasy you can be so much more attractive if you weren't so smelly.. Simple stuff like if she mentioned to you that she likes puppies, instead of getting her roses or some other floral species on the first date, maybe get a cute lil soft toy of a puppy of something along those lines, she could find it refreshing, and it shows that you listened and you are making an effort to understand her, and it could well make her appreciate the gesture (hopefully, fingers crossed).

2. Be a gentleman. Chivalry ain't dead just yet, and believe me when I say, you can spot a gentleman a mile away. While this is usually a characteristic that could and should be cultivated while we are young, it doesn't mean that it is ever too late to start. In my opinion, small simple actions make a big difference. Even just holding a door open for a lady to enter a restaurant, or offering to hold her bag (which I am told does not look good on us by many of my lady friends, but then again I am sure offering to help can't be a bad thing).

3. Don't be in a hurry. To be honest, I've been on a few first dates which I thought would end badly but somehow they didn't. Chemistry can take awhile to develop and contrary to popular belief, you aren't always gonna get lucky and have an instant connect, a la love at first sight. I think just making sure you don't rush into things and don't pressure people, if there's something there, time will allow it to develop and if it's meant to be, grow into something beautiful, eventually.

4. Clean your crap up. Like really, a good long bath really cannot hurt your chances when it comes to the ladies. Some girls like guys unshaven, some like guys shaven, but I think it's pretty safe to assume that most girls like guys who do not smell like they have just finished running a marathon. Let's not kid ourselves here, we all have a sense of smell, and YOU KNOW IF YOU SMELL, SO DOES SHE!!! So yeah please take an effort, you don't have to wear expensive cologne and I understand that it gets hot and sometimes shit happens, but as far as you can, do the world a favour and take a damned shower.
5. Take a chance. This doesn't only apply to going in for the kill. Haha omg I have this hilarious story of me when I was 14, trying to hold a girl's hand and failing miserably. Since I'm feeling rather talkative, here I go! I was on a date in town with a girl I'd been going out with for about 6 months, and I hadn't plucked up the courage to hold her hand yet (what a loser right?). SO anyway, I was super determined that day to go in for the kill and hold her hand. I got to the point when I was just watching her hand swing to and fro as we were walking, I was taking my time, aiming, making sure I'd get it, and then... I WENT FOR IT! I was about to touch it but then for some reason she lifted her hand a second before impact, and I actually ended up touching her LEG! OMG HAHAHAHA I WAS SO SHOCKED, AS WAS SHE! She looked up at me and her face was like WTF??? I was so embarrassed I was like, "Oh there was a mosquito on your leg...". Haha yeah okay so believe me peeps I understand that sometimes when you take a chance, they don't always work out. But anyway c'mon fellas, we gotta man up. And this doesn't only apply to making the first move, it applies to thinking creatively. Like I don't know about you, but I am so sick of dinner and movie dates. Like come on! Try something new! Go cook together or head to the beach, or ride bicycles or something. THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING COOL TO DO BESIDES A MOVIE AND DINNER, I HAVE FAITH IN HUMANITY.

So anyway there you go. I hope this helps, because if it doesn't, I think I will get a ton of unhappy comments on this post. Haha but yeap just my two cents worth, try it, if it fails, you can have your money back :)


  1. Hahaha! No5 is soooo funny! :)

  2.'re funny and cute, Josh :) From a girl's opinion, I think your suggestions will work, especially no4.. Haha

  3. This is so funny and cute. I laughed so hard. :D

  4. Hahha. This is funny. I agree to No4.

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  6. Good advice! Also, I think some guys should take the ego down a notch when in the presence of girls. Major turnoff for most girls to meet an egoistic guy!

  7. Nice post :) hilarious mosquito part!

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  9. Haha this made me rofl xD reading this in 2015

  10. Thsi is Hilarious!!
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    I might be late for this but this post is not getting any older.