Saturday, 14 September 2013

Let go, let god

You just have to let go. All your niggling worries at the back of your mind. "I really hope it actually happens and things don't screw up at the last minute". What's the point? Worrying isn't going to change anything, in fact, it just makes you feel plain crappy, jumpy and cranky. I've come to realize this in my own life. If people want me to work on certain projects, it means I'm good enough. If nobody is interested in me, it's simple, I'm just not good enough. If god wants me to be successful in something, nothing can stand in my way. Likewise, if I am not meant for it, no matter how hard I try, or whatever plans I come up with, things just simply won't work out for me. It's actually incredibly liberating, knowing that if god is in control of your life, you really needn't worry about the future.

Sometimes  you end up in certain places in life whereby it gets tough, and you question whether you can make it through, you want to simply throw in the towel and give up.  I believe that these are really important times in our lives. It is only through trials that human beings grow, we toughen up, we learn from hard experiences and we mature. Tough times are necessary to be all that we are meant to be. In order to make a beautiful glass work, you have to heat it to a very high temperature, let it soften, and then slowly, shape it until it is moulded into something truly exceptional.

Obviously it is never easy when we are going through difficult and trying times, and it is really easy to look around and despair. However, if you know that you will grow, and emerge a stronger person after whatever situation you are going through, it will be easier to endure. It's always easier to endure when you have an end in sight. (I want to digress and talk about how I can never run on a treadmill because it seems like I'm not going anywhere compared to running outdoors but yeah that's besides the point.)

So yeah anyway I just hope this encourages anyone who is going through a particularly tough or unpleasant time. It could be a bad break up, it could be bad grades even after you've studied so hard, or it could be some tragedy in your family. Don't give up! Things will improve and you will be a better person after you go through it.
The night is darkest just before the day breaks.