Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sometimes doors open and others they remain shut

Biding your time and doing nothing are 2 completely different things

It's only human to focus on the missed opportunities rather than what we have been blessed with. I guess we are just so caught up with the disappointment on not having more that we take the things we have for granted. I am sad to say that I will not be involved in the next movie "The Lion Men" with the rest of my bros due to scheduling reasons, and it's easy to blame school for me missing out. I was originally slated to be a part, but the production got delayed and as I have to head back to school, I won't be able to make it. Obviously at the start I was disenchanted and frustrated at this setback.
However, I'm sure this is what life is like, sometimes you win and get what you want, and other times you simply don't, this is a maturing process for me. Learning to deal with setbacks in life and overcoming them. Furthermore, I've been so blessed already, in my short time back in Singapore alone, I've filmed a Chinese New Year Telemovie with Felicia Chin, snagged another endorsement deal and have another super exciting movie slated to shoot at the end of the year. If not for Ah Boys To Men, I'd be a regular guy, going to uni, without experiencing what I have in my short 1 year career as an actor. And thinking about it, this is just my first year, and I haven't even started focusing on this full time yet! If my first year as an actor has been so fruitful, I can only imagine how much further I have to go, and be hopeful for the future.  I want to stay in this industry for a long time, focusing on things in 5 to 10 years down the road are more important than immediate benefits. I'm learning so much in uni, and am maturing as a person, there are so many things I want to pursue further and improve like dance, martial arts, and improving my craft as an actor.
Ah anyway, time to share with you guys what I've been up to this past month! So I filmed this new Telemovie called "Hong Baos and Kisses" slated to be released on Chinese New Year next year! Getting the chance to star alongside Felicia Chin was a great honour and huge learning opportunity for me. She's a real friendly and generous person, and would always help me with my mandarin. (hehe oh! and I forgot to say, this is my first role in mandarin!, haha please don't laugh at me so much when you see the show ok? I tried my best!)  Oh and other famous people who were involved are Amy Cheng (I grew up watching her on "Growing up"! haha ok what a lame attempt at a joke) Jimmy T, and Jerry. They were all a pleasure to work with, and am super excited at seeing the final product soon!

Oh and I got the chance to reunited with my boss Director Jack Neo to film a TVC as part of my endorsement with Breadtalk's latest venture Thye Moh Chan! They produce traditional handcrafted teochew confections like these! Super DELISH! You can check out their website here,

Hehe so anyway stay tuned cause the TVC is coming out around September, and I think it turned out pretty well!


MMmm So that's it for my short trip back to Sunny Singapore! I'm heading back to my winter wonderland in Melby. Oh and here's a short write up Channel News Asia did of me, thanks CNA! :)

You just can't rush certain things, if it's meant to be, it will happen in its own time and place.


  1. Hey Josh. I truly love the quote you ended the post with. "You just can't rush certain things, if it's meant to be, it will happen in its own time and place". It kinda motivated me a little. HAHA! Thanks :')

  2. Hey Joshua, haven't seen you around. I auditioned for 'The Lion Men' Female Lead. Didn't receive any call from them though. Boohoo. Oh wells there is always next time! ;) Miss you. Cheers.

  3. As you said it is really true when you lose something you also gain something. And I think if you like to act nothing can stop you do it. Learn more ( not only in school but also in your life experiense) your
    perform will more mature~ Good luck ~ :)

  4. going to miss you Joshua.... when will you be back to Sunny Singapore... hope you have fun during your stay in Singapore.... Enjoy your day with fun and joy together with other Ah Boys to Men and with your beloved family....

  5. Very motivating and much truth in it. I wish you all the best, and may God bless you. It's so great to see mature things from a guy. Haha hugs and hope to see you soon.