Saturday, 20 April 2013

Energizer bunny


April has been such an exciting month! Between the assignments, the boring day to day life, I've had 2 really exciting trips in 1 month! Awesome April! Haha lameo.. Anyway I went on a surfing trip to Anglesea and Torquay, which are along the great ocean road, for a wonderful surfing trip over the Easter weekend. And then went to Taipei with my Bros!

Surf's up Brooahh! But before I start with the surfing, the journey to Great Ocean Road was beautiful. It is really a beautiful drive, especially for those who appreciate magnificent views of the ocean from a high up vantage point. It's only about an hour or so drive from the city, so it's not that tiring, and it's a nice quiet place you can go to recharge, the cafes, pubs and restaurants here are pretty good! But I think that those who need a lot of entertainment and shopping may not enjoy this place as much. This place caters to more of the outdoors-y kind of people, with plenty of activities like trekking, biking, surfing, fishing, all that kinda stuff.

Which brings me onto the surfing. Boy oh boy, have I found an adrenaline rush that I simply can't get enough of. Yeah it's true that it doesn't sound as exciting as sky diving or other kinds of adventure sports, but I am hooked on it. My sister and I tried a 2 hour long lesson on surfing in which they taught us the basics, and within an hour almost the entire class were up, standing on the boards! Even the young kids and grandpas were doing it! So if they could do it, so can you!

So... Taipei. What a trip! First of all, let me describe to you the arduous journey from Melbourne to Taipei. There are no direct flights, so I had to take a 9 hour flight to HK, then a 2 hour connecting flight to Taipei, which would be bearable, if my second connecting flight hadn't been delayed by a ridiculous 3 hours! I thought that was bad but in my return flight I had to wait for 6 hours in transit, for a grand total of 20 hours spent travelling from Taipei to Melbourne.. So tired but in the end I still had to do this at the Taiwan GALA! HAHAA
Haha But the trip more than made up for the awful flights. I got to hang out with my bros again.. Take photos of them being absolute pigs on the roadtrips to the various filming locations. And being pigs yet again when we ordered room service! (first time in my life I could order it!, FELT LIKEABOSS!)

Yeapp so Taiwan was awesome fun. LOADS OF SHOPPING HAHA I bought like 6 jackets? Cause it's getting so cold here in melby.. AND THE FOOD! OMG I've been so deprived of good chinese food since I've been in melbourne.. I JUST WENT CRAZY! Haha I gained like 2kg in 3 days I think.. Anyway so this has how my life has been. Crazy, but SHIOK!