Saturday, 23 March 2013

Have a taste of my KCD!

Hello from Australia!!!

What's up everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus, I know this is a long overdue post, and I apologize. It's not because I've been exceptionally busy all this while or anything, I just have been too lazy to write, yes it's true, I AM A PIG!

So anyway life has been pretty good so far in the new year 2013! For all who don't know, 13 is my favourite number! So yeah, this year is hopefully going to continue to be a great year, not just for me but for everyone! YEAHHH HUAT AH! Hahahaha (Recently I've been addicted to HUAT-ing, like ever since CNY, whenever we stopped by and performed at Dinner and Dance nights, we would HUAT ALL NIGHT LONG! HUAT AH!)

Okay enough of my rubbish. Oh another reason why 2013 has been really great for me so far is because I won the CLEO's Most Eligible Bachelor Singapore Edition! Wheee! I'm really happy and honoured to have been presented with this award, and loads of thanks to everyone who voted for me, I really appreciate it. For some who didn't notice, in this competition, I was Bachelor 49, and, although this is very lame, I had a feeling something good would happen, because 4+9=13! HAHAHAHA SO LAME RIGHT, but when I won, "I was like, YEAH, I knew it!" HAHAHAA

Hmm so aside from flying back to Singapore and Malaysia for work (The CLEO Competition and shoot afterwards, and to Malaysia for the ABTM 2 Promo), I've been busy with a lot of things as well. Getting in the rhythm for school, after 3 years of allowing my brain to rot was not a good idea.. The assignments are starting to pile up for me but I am not panicking, yet, haha because I still have 1 more week till deadlines start arriving. But I love my school, like honestly, there are loads of really interesting people here that I would not have gotten the chance to meet if I were still in Singapore. Like I've made friends with people from France, Germany, the local Aussies, Mainland Chinese, people from everywhere!

Another really exciting thing that happened to me was my SKYDIVING TRIP! Haha my goodness, it was really something else..Now I have to explain first that I am afraid of heights. BUT I have always wanted to do skydiving, it has been one of those things on my bucket list (not that I am aware that I am dying soon, but you never really know do you?), along with skiing, climbing a big ass mountain, and travelling around the world. So, back to the skydiving, I was really determined to do it here in Aussie, even though there are other places in the world where you could probably do it for a cheaper price, I know that the Aussies are really big on safety, so what better place to do an extreme sport than here?

It was a bit pricey (500AUD) but that was because I got the Photo and DVD package as well, but I gotta say, it is money well spent. They had a private plane that took me up to about 10,000 feet in the air. I was sooooo excited during the trip up, I was like "YEAHHHHH C'MON, LET'S DO IT!!!" And then, the instructor, opened the door, and my heart dropped. Haha I seriously think my heart skipped a beat and I had to catch my breath, OMG we were so high up! and then he sort of like butt shifted/ pushed me nearer and nearer to the edge, "1, 2, 3!" And then we were flying out of the plane, I was terrified. We had a free-fall for about a minute, just plunging down the sky at what seemed like a million miles an hour, and then finally, there was a jerk! and the parachute opened. The view was spectacular, flying over the Yarra Vally was amazing. There was something so special and surreal about it all, and then before I knew it, my feet touched the ground and we landed. Most amazing experience of my life. No Shit, this shit is LEGIT.


  1. Um, Joshua. Here's a question: Are you very close to Maxi?

  2. Hi Joshua! Seems like you've had lots of fun! Take care :)

  3. Wow, sound really cool! I wonder how it like to free-fall (I wonder isit different from jumping down a building? I am always curious about people who jump of buildings so don't mind me). If I may ask? How long is the duration from the second you jump off the plane till you landed on ground?

  4. Enjoyed reading ur blog joshua. :) take care n all the best in ur studies

  5. Skydiving is on my bucket list ^_^

  6. Sky diving's on my bucket list too! Lucky you.
    Yeah, continue blogging random stuff and don't let this die down after months kay. And hope your LDR goes smoothly

  7. wow ~
    i wish that i could try too

  8. omg that's awesome, I was actually searching for Sky diving and stumbled upon your blog~ Could you tell me which part of Australia you went to skydive?