Friday, 1 February 2013

Will you stand by me?

It's been a heck of a week, I haven't watched TV in more than 3 days WTH!  Yeah, this week has been crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

What's the life of someone in this industry? Well firstly, there are no such things as weekdays or weekends, it's just whether you are working or you are resting. They come in waves, you could have a million jobs and events to do for a couple weeks at a go and then suddenly, you got 5 days without absolutely nothing to do.
Monday started off with a meeting with a potential sponsor. Then headed off to do my hair at Monsoon with my boys, which was an emotional rollercoaster.. I had in my mind a particular colour which I thought I could really rock, but things never go to plan do they?
 So anyway, the hair dresser told me that my hair was either gonna end up being dark blue (can't see the colour unless under light) or bright blue (Ah Beng style). I was so disappointed and didn't know what to do, but in the end, I decided! No I MUST DYE MY HAIR, I DON'T CARE! I WANNA TRY SOMETHING FUN FOR A CHANGE, so I bleached my hair, and this came out!
Haha but thank god the people at Monsoon know what they are doing, and they eventually helped me reach this colour! Even though it wasn't really what I wanted at first, and it changed colour pretty fast after that (now it is ash-green), I am still very grateful for their help, it could have ended up much worse.

Whew so okay, after that the next day Director Jack and I headed down to 88.3FM for our Chinese radio interview! Hehe actually now I think I am pretty comfortable speaking in Chinese.. Well, it's far from perfect and I think I still sound weird but it's a vast improvement from when I started 6 months ago!
Then at night we headed down to the Breadtalk Group's annual Dinner & Dance at the Shangri-La Hotel . SUPER FUN NIGHT! Haha, we got to eat fantabulous food and wine (hehe we even knocked back a few shots of whisky before we got up on stage), and performed songs for the audience.

The very next day was the most important day of all, THE GALA PREMIERE OF AH BOYS TO MEN 2!
We had to head down early in the morning (not easy as we were still a little tipsy from the night before) to Resort Worlds Sentosa to rehearse for our big day! Then in the afternoon we held press conferences and before we knew it, we were shovelling down our lunch at 4pm (was dying of hunger when we were being interviewed that's why I didn't talk much).

Then we suited up and ate a quick dinner (at 6pm) and got ready to walk the red carpet down RWS. We got ferried onto location in these really awesome posh cars and then walked down the red carpet like a boss!


I'll let the pictures do the talking...


All in all, it's been a great week, and we've been busy doing the promotional events and running around doing all sorts of things.. Am I tired? Hell yeah! Am I Happy? A BIGGER HELL YEAH! I love my job, and hopefully, with everyone's support, I can carry on living my dream, getting more projects and continue acting. Really hoping that I won't have to wait long for my next GALA! :)


  1. Joshua u definitely can make it!!!!
    Jia you !!! Really think u have lotsa of potential n you did absolutely well in abtm part 2 ! Being in media industry is neva easy but can c u r a sincere n nice guy so definitely will have a lot angel guiding ur way through . All e best ! Hope to see u n e rest of e cast soon . Great rest n get ready for e fan meet tml !!!!

  2. Hi Nicole!

    awww thanks, actually don't like my performance in Part 1 and Part 2 but I will get better I PROMISE!

    Just wanna thank you for always coming down and supporting us, and your BOY IS SUPER CUTE! All the cast loves him!


  3. Mate...can't wait for my friend to bring the DVD back to Melb so I cld see what I've been missing out but from the tons of YouTube video, I believe you must have done pretty well. From your previous sound like a bloke who is serious about perfecting his craft...good on you mate. Hope to bump into you on the streets on Melb someday. Cheers.

  4. Hi Joshua!

    I've really enjoyed Ah Boys To Men and despite you being new to this industry, I would like to say that you're really awesome. I can see and sense your passion in acting but it was sad hearing that you are going back to Aussie. All the best with your studies and in everything you do! P/s: You have a very cheery and cute smile.

  5. well, you doing pretty well in ABTM part 1, havent seen part 2 yet as it is not release in Malaysia Cinema yet..

    being in showbiz need hard work...well you're doing it right bro..hard work..

    all the best and oh Greetings from Kuching Sarawak Malaysia!

  6. saw you @ esplanade performing! chinese improved alot eh? hahaha but too bad didnt manage to take photo with u! i left right after ah boys finished performing. BAH.

  7. is the lady with blue hair Jeannie Mai? you could've tried that hair color, it's like black with a tinge of sexy blue lol anyways great acting in both part 1&2 of ah boys! even my mum says so too! ;)