Friday, 15 February 2013

From Ah Boys To "EH BRO!"

I don't know how many other guys hate this, but I hate it when people I hardly know call me "Bro!". More often than not, they only call you "Bro!" because they don't know, or can't remember your name. And that pisses me off. To me, "Bro" is a super affectionate term to describe a friend who you have gone through thick and thin with. For people to just use it so flippantly is just such a turn off.

So anyway I want to do a post about my filming experience for Ah Boys To Men. Reason being, lots of people have been asking me questions about how I personally felt during the filming process. So here it goes!

I remember during the auditions, I was actually still in NS, serving as a Sergeant to my platoon (also known as a Platoon Sergeant, but in my unit, I was known as an Operations Specialist). I remember going in to the auditions and just anyhow whacking it, like I think I was actually in a singlet and berms and slippers. Haha! I was so ill-prepared I totally fluffed the audition and did horrendously.

But through some miracle, I was called back a second time, and this time, Jack was there, he auditioned me personally, AND ALLOWED ME TO DO MY LINES IN ENGLISH! Haha total game-changer.. So anyway I remember being in total shock when I got the call saying that I got the role, which then changed to disbelief and then total ecstasy (not the drug, the feeling).

So next was the Boot camp, which went on for a few days to allow the selected actors to bond and learn some basic military stuff (which I missed out on, because I was still in the army, and serving some extras, I was a little rebellious then). Following that, we had rehearsals, and because I had missed out on the Boot camp, I didn't know the other guys, so I was rather quiet, observing rather than talking (there were MANY people with HUGE personalities and MOUTHS!) HAHAHA I won't say who..

And then came my ORD, and a few days after that we started filming! It was such a whirlwind, I could hardly believe what was happening to me. I remember my first day on set, meeting Irene Ang, and being so intimidated that I didn't dare talk much, instead kept reading my book (yes, I like to read books in my spare time, I'm actually quite a nerd).

Filming with the rest of the boys was a very different experience, because everyone was so loud and happy all the time. I was still a little detached at the start, and tried to behave myself everytime I was on set because I wanted to make a good impression.. BUT SLOWLY BECAUSE THE BOYS KEPT DOING STUPID STUFF AND CRACKING STUPID JOKES I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE AND STARTED JOINING IN! Haha but really, boys being boys, once you start playing, it's hard to stop. And I quickly became one of them. Imagine spending 50 plus days (30plus stuck on tekong) with people who are slightly crazy, you just slowly become great friends.. We played pranks, created our own games, made our own songs, formed our own boybands (I was part of the backstreet Boys hahaaa). Sigh so many good memories (haha like Chinaman giving me Chinese tutition on the ferry to tekong)..

I remember when the time came near to the wrap of this movie, we were all so close! We could finish each other's sentances, be silly, laugh till we rolled around.. We were all so sad that the shoot was coming to an end..

This is true Bro-hood. And I thank god for meeting y'all. The wrap of the shoot was just the start of our friendship. We've had endless fun on roadtrips, Bai Nian-ing, roadshows, Promos, so many other stuff. I'm super blessed to have met y'all, bros.


  1. Nice post and thanks for sharing! :) glad that you had lots of fun during the shoot :) yes indeed it is sad that we need to say goodbye to people whom we just met and bonded with. I'm graduating from NP this April and i really hate the feeling of saying goodbye to my friends. Hopefully, the bond that my friends and i shared will not just fade as we graduate. Same goes for you! May the friendship that you have forged with the cast of abtm last :)

  2. Wanted to give a like to this post but don't have a like button. LOL... Watching Ah Boys To Men and reading this post reminds me of serving NS in Malaysia. Somehow, I know how you feel. Anyway, great post.

  3. Hahaha reading ok la! What do you read?

  4. Your post just somehow made me reminisce those days while I was unexpectedly serving as an asst. squad leader in NS. Though in Malaysia our training is just for a few months instead of 2 years but after experiencing those thick & thins throughout the training program I can really get what you mean. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post! :) Looking forward for ABTM2 to be showcased in Malaysia.

  5. Hi!

    I think I saw someone who may or may not be you at the overhead bridge at Chinese garden today! Haha!

    Another ABTM viewer

  6. Your post reminds me of my own NPCC squad mates (: We crack so many lame jokes and recently, we've been acting out all the funny scenes of ABTM, especially the '/clapclap MARIA!' and 'ai bo liao'. It's really amazing how a bond can be forged just like that over time.

    Just wanted to say that you guys are amazing and so talented in your own ways and I really enjoyed the movies (: May your friendship last and all the best in your future endeavors!

    /hands you a book

    books up,
    a fellow Singaporean & fan ;)

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  8. Hi. All the best everything you do:)

  9. Hello...I enjoy reading your blog, do continue to blog about your adventures in Australia! Good luck and all the best in your future endeavours!
    By the way, I just want to say you did great in the movie ah boys to men. :)

  10. By watching Ah Boys To Men reminds me of my National Service. Although it's only a 3 months program here in Malaysia, but it's almost the same..
    Haha, especially the dorm inspection part!! We named it "Tsunami"

  11. How did you know about the audition? From who? Like how did you know where to go for the audition?