Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Take a look at me now.

I think it's important for everyone to take some time to reflect upon their lives every once in awhile, and reflect on themselves. Sometimes it's the superficial stuff that you take note of, other times it's a life changing experience that has really impacted you. For myself, the most eventful thing that has happened to me was really, Ah Boys To Men. While this experience has solidified my belief that this is the career path that I wish to embark on, it has also changed my life in ways I could never imagine.


I am so grateful for the chance I have been blessed with, and as I take time to reflect upon this great opportunity, I also wanna reflect upon my performance in the movie. Now, I've caught Ah Boys To Men Part 1, at least 10 times, with all the promotions going on, and I pretty much have memorized the movie from start to finish. I am thankful that most publications have gone easy on my performance, and the rest of the cast. Thankfully, I have not read many bad reviews about my acting so far, HOWEVER, I personally am unhappy at how I've done in most of my scenes..

There are loads of times where I look at the big screen and see mistakes, or places where I could have done something different, some action or reaction which would have been more appropriate but didn't think of at that time.. So yeah honestly I wish I was a better actor, but I know that I really gave it my best shot. Like everyday going to work, no matter how I was feeling, I gave it my all, pushed myself to my bloody limit. Obviously, this is my first feature film, and I'm not as good or as experienced as some of the other actors around. BUT I AM SO DETERMINED! I CAN ONLY GET BETTER FROM HERE! And I'm super thankful for people who support me, and the movie. They really give me loads of moral support and I KNOW I CAN GET BETTER! GRRRR, I can't wait for more opportunities to hone my craft and get better, and SHOW PEOPLE I WILL IMPROVE!

Hehe actually I'm kinda happy at certain scenes in the movie, like when I was talking about winning QiuQiu back in the bunk, with IPMan and Lobang King, I gave a damn psycho look! And when I visited my dad in the hospital. I think I did pretty good, so I'm pleased with that, BUT C'MON! I KNOW I CAN GET BETTER!!!

Even though I am going away to study in Aussieland in Feb, I may be getting more opportunities to act in movies this coming year (hehe not gonna let the cat out of the bag now!). I'm so looking forward to 2013, my lucky number 13!

 2012 was great, but I can't wait to kick on in 2013, so BRING IT!


  1. Very well say, wish you had a great year in 2013( that is your lucky number of course) Study hard and looking forward to your new film then!

  2. you guys really awesome!all the best to you in 2013,will keep support you!well done! :D

  3. It's nice you're so down to earth and grounded! Wishing you lots of happiness for 2013 :D

  4. Hi xaveus0, Royston and Plumi. Thanks all for your kind words and continued support! haha hope you guys are looking forward to Ah Boys To Men Part 2, because I can guarantee that it will be way better than Part 1. hehe!

    HAPPY 2013 EVERYONE!!!

  5. Congrats and anws , you really look cute ! If I can , I want to make friends with you . Hehe . Anws , do follow me back on Twitter at daphneFHZ . Jiayous and carry on with the good work ! :)

  6. Joshua! Although you see lots of flaws in your acting, the rest of us think its really good already. Hahah I hope you get more famous! I've been reading your blog since quite a while back and I'm glad that you had a big breakthrough in your career! Saw you at Scape Countdown Party too :D Follow me on twitter too please :) @chloeyuennn

  7. Haha are you by chance a Taylor Swift fan? Her lucky number's 13 too, and so is mine! :D 2013 is going to be great.

    I don't see any flaw in your acting. You did great (Y) *clapclap*

    saw you and the cast @ plaza sing today, I like how all of you seem so friendly :)

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  9. Happy Chinese New Year Joshua! Wishing u and your family and friends an exciting year ahead! U did a really good job in Ah Boys to Men Part 1 & 2 in portraying Recruit Ken Chow! Well done! :D I do hope there will be a sequel to Ah Boys to Men 2! :D