Sunday, 9 December 2012

What is your ambition?

First of all, this is going to be a slightly intellectual post, and you may be bored, so please bear with me. If you aren't really  interested then you can skip all the way to the last bit where hopefully I will be able to entertain you better!

 But to start things off, what is an ambition? To want to be someone? To achieve a certain status in society? To be successful in your career?

I'm sure when you were younger, ambition meant an occupation. Like for example, a doctor, a professional athlete, a singer. As we grew up, I bet that, through life experiences, these goals change as we matured.

Let's use this definition, from, just for this post's sake.

A. An eager or strong desire to achieve something, such as fame or power.

B. The object or goal desired

Some people however don't quite have the same drive as others when it comes to life. And this is the argument that I am interested in.

If a person is satisfied with his life, and all that it compasses, is that considered to be lacking in ambition?

Some people would say, hey, what's wrong? If I am contented with my life, don't be BUSYBODY LA?

Others might say that, Oh you're only young once! Why not fulfil your potential and push yourself?

Honestly, to me, it seems that most people in Singapore are really ambitious, hardworking, and willing to push themselves to their limits to achieve their goals. But I wonder, how many of them can look back on their lives and be sincerely happy.

It is never easy to determine success, because everyone has a different definition. Financial independence? A high ranking job in a big corporation?

For myself, I enjoy being a simple person. I don't have a burning desire for more all the time, don't get me wrong, I am a greedy person (when it comes to food and money and what not), but I am also easily contented, which is quite a paradox. But I think that happiness = contented. You don't have to be rich to be contented. A farmer can be happier than a millionaire.

HEHE so anyway, yeah it's true. I am extremely happy with my life now, am so thankful for being so blessed with so many opportunities to do what I love while I still can. So I'll share here what I've been doing for the past few weeks.
Attended Screen Singapore, this was taken at the world premiere of Chow Yun Fat's latest movie, The Last Tycoon (Rocking good by the way, I loved it!)

And I've been busy filming for Mediacorp, they have this new love story drama series, and I'll be in an episode acting alongside, the beautiful Ezann Lee! And then finished off filming for HBO's upcoming series "Serangoon Road". Amazing experience, love the cast and crew, hehe and I play Pamelyn Chee's jilted lover.. Nerdy me!

Who wants to get driven by me in the 1960s original Fiat?

follow your heart, and nothing else.


  1. Excited To Watch "Serangoon Road" !!! Jiayou !!!!

  2. Hi Joshua,
    What's the mediacorp drama series which u star with Ezann called? Any idea when it'll air on tv? Cos can't wait to watch it! =)

  3. Hi~ I just finished watching "Boys To Men" yesterday... Just the first day showing in Malaysia :) Love it so much~ In Malaysia , We girls are choosen to NS (National Service) for 3 months.. I am scared to be choosen but yet I hope to be choosen >.< I wish to be an actress so much~ And I have also made some short videos with my friends :) And does the movie have Part 2? O.o I will sure support till the end~ :) Lov You~ :P

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