Wednesday, 7 November 2012

6 Months on and a whole lot has changed.


Adjective :
    1.    Very unusual or remarkable.
         2.    Unusually great.
uncommon - unusual - singular - remarkable - exceptional

I guess that's how you can pretty much sum up my experience so far. I was talking to my pops today, and just 6 months ago, I remember having a huge dilemma on whether I should sign on for this project or not. And 6 months later, to see my finished product on the big screen at last night's Gala, was simply extraordinary.

In may, after just finishing my army (AT LONG LAST), I was looking forward to this month long holiday road trip around Australia with my favourite bunch of people, when this opportunity came up. I remember how hard it was to give that up, but how alluring the opportunity of being a part of this film was. Looking back, DAMN! I'm so happy I went with my gut. Probably the best decision of my life (along with trying Carl's Junior Portobello Mushroom Thickburger, OMG TO DIE FOR!!).

And then we started filming and getting to know this insane bunch of guys. Honestly, I am so happy I met all of you, because we simply enjoy each other's company, and have a great time whenever we go out. I really have been so blessed, and I can't believe how far I've come with you guys.

Finally, last night I got to see the product of all our pain. All our suffering, the long hours, the running around under the hot sun, the falling, the crying, the shitting. AH! I'M SO HAPPY WITH THE FINAL PRODUCT! And I hope everyone will catch it and enjoy the film.



  1. Hello, may I know how you got your role in the movie that's currently screening in cinemas? Did you have to go through many rounds of auditions, or were you talent scouted? Thank you in advance for answering!

  2. Hi there,

    thanks for reading! Anyway it's a little troublesome to do a whole blog post about my audition (not alot of content) so I'll just answer you here ya?

    Yupp I had to go for auditions (2 rounds), and the first round I actually did HORRENDOUS! Haha I did my lines in chinese and later on, I found out that I was so rubbish that I wasn't even in the initial shortlist. Then some guy backed out, and they needed someone to make up the numbers, so TADAAA!!

    And for my second audition I did better, then Jack asked me to do my lines in English, which obviously was a whole lot easier for me. And the rest, as they say, is history!

    Hope I answered your question :)

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    2. Wow! That's amazing. How did you even hear about the audition anyways?

      I always wanted to act. Probably a funny role. :) Need opportunity. Must find it.

  3. Yes, you did answer my question. Thank you! Wow, I didn't know you almost didn't make it in. Great job on the acting though! :)

  4. Hi Joshua~

    I just come to say hello! :)
    Because I find you really cute in the movie!

    Enjoyed watching the show just now. During the show, I heard audiences giving comments that you're charming and cute. You're well-liked even by male audiences. I'm sure you will have a lot of fans soon!

    Your acting is natural, I see that you have a potential to be a great actor. Wish you all the best in your acting career!

    Your fan
    \(*^ - ^*)/ } 加油!!