Monday, 29 October 2012

Cool Shit, No shit.

HELLO! I'm sorry it's been awhile since I last updated. I've not been particularly busy or whatever, it's just that I couldn't find the right topic to write about. And I know it's terribly difficult to maintain a high readership without constant updates but I didn't wanna just write some rubbish just for the sake of it you know?

Yeah so yesterday we headed down to Plaza Singapura for our very first movie promo roadshow. We were all so excited because none of us had done this before and we really had no idea what to expect.

We started out by entering some secret GV box office which we didn't know even existed (I'm not gonna reveal where), and had a briefing by our mystery handlers (not gonna reveal who). It was really interesting finding out how celebs get mobbed and how to handle random shit that people may send your way. But anyway we are mostly nobodies so I guess it doesn't really apply to most of us (except Noah and Tosh).
Then we headed out to the stage at the atrium of PS, and surprise surprise there was actually a crowd there already formed! So after some brief introductions we started out playing games with some contestants who signed up. (OMG ALL THE WINNERS HAD TIX TO UNIVERSAL STUDIOS! NOT BAD RIGHT?? I WANT ALSO!) Haha there was this particular game called fire drill where the contestants had to put on a helmet, t shirt and socks (in that order), and the one who did it the fastest would win! Super funny, because Noah and I were super pumped and we wanted to help our guy win. So the moment the game started we rushed to help put on the clothes. After awhile, I noticed that the other teams were catching up so I sneaked around the back and stole the 2 other teams socks! HAHAA AND THEN WE WON!! WOOOO!
Yeah kinda lame underhand move by me but I'm sure the guy on our team wasn't complaining. Then we had photo-taking with some of the people there, and my goodness I had the shock of my life. Like a ton of people quickly rushed to form a line! Haha I never expected this in my wildest dreams! And a girl even asked Noah to sign her guitar? LIKE WHUT!


Anyway here's a sneak peak at the first episode of " THE MAKING OF - Ah Boys To Men"

Oh and hehe I appeared in this month's issue of COSMO SINGAPORE!! WHEEE!

8 more days to the gala. THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS


  1. Please update more! Heh would love to read more about your auditions for the movie!

  2. Haha okay sure I can write on about my auditions for "Ah Boys To Men", meanwhile you can read through some of my older posts. Hope they can entertain you!

  3. Hey Nikki,

    someone recently asked me for more about my audition, and it's a little troublesome to do a whole blog post about my audition (not alot of content) so I'll just answer you here ya?

    Yupp I had to go for auditions (2 rounds), and the first round I actually did HORRENDOUS! Haha I did my lines in chinese and later on, I found out that I was so rubbish that I wasn't even in the initial shortlist. Then some guy backed out, and they needed someone to make up the numbers, so TADAAA!!

    And for my second audition I did better, then Jack asked me to do my lines in English, which obviously was a whole lot easier for me. And the rest, as they say, is history!

    Hope I answered your question :)