Sunday, 30 September 2012

Joshua's guide to surviving Bangkok city

Firstly I owe you an apology, Bangkok. Honestly, I had a really good time last week over there, and I was a little harsh during my last post. Anyway I've been to Bangkok quite a few times so far and I'd like to think that I know my way around quite well, actually better than I know Tampines.

So anyway I've come up with a few tips of how to survive Bangkok's crazy traffic jams, numerous scammers, and more than that, how to have a good time over there.

Tip number 1, whenever possible, try to make use of the train system over there. Like for example, after arriving at the airport, there's an airport rail which takes you to Makasan station (pretty near to the city centre) and it takes just 15 mins. Which is really quick because if you know Bangkok like I do, traffic jams are a pain in the arse. Not to mention taking a cab from the airport is pretty expensive, with the bill running up to 300-400 baht while the train is about 80 baht per person. And it's not just the airport rail, there's the BTS and the MRT lines as well, which has stations pretty much everywhere you could want to go, for example Mo Chit = Chatuchak market (every girl's dream, bring her there and believe me, you'll be one lucky guy), and platinum mall = Chit Lom. I dare say the train system in Bangkok is almost as good as Singapore's. Almost.

So Tip number 2, if you really are lazy and don't want to fuss about then you should take a cab. But the thing about taking a cab is that you have to make sure  of 3 things, avoiding the peak hours, taking a cab which goes by the meter, and generally make sure that the car and driver don't look dodgy (okay I'm a little cautious that way). I think in general it's pretty safe to take a cab in Bangkok, I don't hear of that many horror stories of people getting raped or robbed and all that, but if you just want to be safe then you should take one from the hotel. Oh and you are also less likely to get ripped off taking a cab than a tuk tuk.

That's about it for what not to do, and here's what you simply MUST DO when you're in BANGKOK! You absolutely must try the street food when you're there, yeah you know what I'm talking about, those endless mini push cart stalls which pepper  the streets. What's the point of eating at cafes or restaurants all the time?

This is how the real Bangkok food is like.

Oh and you simply must visit their Arab street, Shisha, restaurants, they have them all.

Lastly, you just simply have to get lost and wander around the streets of the city. Honestly, just randomly walking around or "free styling" as I call it is the best way to explore Bangkok. You never know what hidden gem is just around the corner, like for example on the way back to the hotel, I dropped off a station before the one closest to the hotel and just walked back. And I stumbled upon the infamous "Cowboy street", and just around the corner, found an AMAZING AUTHENTIC British Fish N Chips place.. Ah it was just to die for.


All in all I gotta say that I had a great time over there. And yeah I think I won't mind heading back to Bangkok, maybe a few years time when I've recovered from all that eating..

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