Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Hi, I'd like to order a last minute baby please?

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for." - Unknown

I've never understood why people dislike babies. Sure they pee, poop, cry and eat all the time (in random order), but when you look at them, don't you feel this giant well of love just gushing out? It's like even though they aren't your own, don't you feel this strange need to love and protect them? You just want to touch those chubby cheeks, arms and legs and give them a soft hug
Bottom line, they are just the cutest lil things. Everyone love playing with them, feeding them, hugging them. BUTT THE MOMENT THEY START CRYING! UGHH!

So this is probably the part where I get why some people may dislike babies. Babies screaming on the plane when you're trying to sleep, in the movies, wherever. There is just something about the unnaturally high pitched scream that just makes you cringe and wish they would just stop!

More often than not, it's either a diaper change, an empty tummy, or they just want a loving huggy. And when you think about it, there's really nothing they can do by themselves to remedy the problem, so crying is the most effective method to grab anyone's attention, and well, you gotta give them credit, they are pretty smart that way.

So anyway there's been a load of stuff being said in the papers about the lack of babies in Singapore and all, with the birth rate at about 1.2 if I'm not wrong? And honestly, it's easy to understand why. Singapore being a competitive society and everyone wanting to climb the corporate ladder blah blah blah.. But I think more than that, since everyone is so stressed out all the time with work, school and everything that life brings, we just wanna party and let loose, relax and chillax. And having a baby doesn't really hit me as the most relaxing thing in the world..

You just picture the parents being all stressed out with the pregnancy, all the complications that could happen, and on top of that, the bills that need to be paid, all this before the baby is even born. Like which sane, already stressed out working person would want to add to their load? There simply isn't a good enough work-life balance here in Singapore to entice people to want to start a family here. There I said it, so sue me.

I mean, I saw this article in the papers about parents worrying on whether or not they should be sending their kids to PRE-KINDERGARTEN! LIKE WTH? HOW OLD IS THAT? I really don't ever want to be that kind of parent (no offence).

I wanna go back to my ang mo land and start a family. I want to have this nice little house out in the suburbs, with a backyard and a park nearby.  After work (working hours: 10am - 4pm, cause this is how I roll), I'd come home and stop by the store nearby and get some pizzas and beers. Then I'd come home and take my wife and kid out to the park, spread out a little mat and lepak! So shiok right my fantasy! If the kid cries, nothing to worry, my imaginary wife would handle it! STEADY LA!



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  2. I totally agree with this. After living here in NZ for 7 years I will never want to start a family or work in Asia. It is such a competitive environment that my friends from Singapore and Malaysia say I m so lucky to be overseas. I truly thank God I do not live in Asia anymore.
    Btw I like your blog and I think it is really cool. Please continue to write more. :D

  3. Cool imagination you have there, I guess it would be nice to reside in Aus. :)