Sunday, 30 September 2012

Joshua's guide to surviving Bangkok city

Firstly I owe you an apology, Bangkok. Honestly, I had a really good time last week over there, and I was a little harsh during my last post. Anyway I've been to Bangkok quite a few times so far and I'd like to think that I know my way around quite well, actually better than I know Tampines.

So anyway I've come up with a few tips of how to survive Bangkok's crazy traffic jams, numerous scammers, and more than that, how to have a good time over there.

Tip number 1, whenever possible, try to make use of the train system over there. Like for example, after arriving at the airport, there's an airport rail which takes you to Makasan station (pretty near to the city centre) and it takes just 15 mins. Which is really quick because if you know Bangkok like I do, traffic jams are a pain in the arse. Not to mention taking a cab from the airport is pretty expensive, with the bill running up to 300-400 baht while the train is about 80 baht per person. And it's not just the airport rail, there's the BTS and the MRT lines as well, which has stations pretty much everywhere you could want to go, for example Mo Chit = Chatuchak market (every girl's dream, bring her there and believe me, you'll be one lucky guy), and platinum mall = Chit Lom. I dare say the train system in Bangkok is almost as good as Singapore's. Almost.

So Tip number 2, if you really are lazy and don't want to fuss about then you should take a cab. But the thing about taking a cab is that you have to make sure  of 3 things, avoiding the peak hours, taking a cab which goes by the meter, and generally make sure that the car and driver don't look dodgy (okay I'm a little cautious that way). I think in general it's pretty safe to take a cab in Bangkok, I don't hear of that many horror stories of people getting raped or robbed and all that, but if you just want to be safe then you should take one from the hotel. Oh and you are also less likely to get ripped off taking a cab than a tuk tuk.

That's about it for what not to do, and here's what you simply MUST DO when you're in BANGKOK! You absolutely must try the street food when you're there, yeah you know what I'm talking about, those endless mini push cart stalls which pepper  the streets. What's the point of eating at cafes or restaurants all the time?

This is how the real Bangkok food is like.

Oh and you simply must visit their Arab street, Shisha, restaurants, they have them all.

Lastly, you just simply have to get lost and wander around the streets of the city. Honestly, just randomly walking around or "free styling" as I call it is the best way to explore Bangkok. You never know what hidden gem is just around the corner, like for example on the way back to the hotel, I dropped off a station before the one closest to the hotel and just walked back. And I stumbled upon the infamous "Cowboy street", and just around the corner, found an AMAZING AUTHENTIC British Fish N Chips place.. Ah it was just to die for.


All in all I gotta say that I had a great time over there. And yeah I think I won't mind heading back to Bangkok, maybe a few years time when I've recovered from all that eating..

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

How about we just dump the kids at home and see the world?

I've always envied travel hosts like Anthony Bourdain and Janet Hsieh, who get to enjoy exploring strange quirky places from the far ends of Europe to the rural edges of Taiwan. That's like the BEST JOB IN THE EARTH!

 So anyway these are 2 travel hosts that I really admire, and they both have great USPs (unique selling points). Okay so one has a badass-motherfker-ex chef vibe, and the other a drop dead gorgeous happy bunny. How do you compete with that? Everyone has their own distinct character, and sure, they probably aren't like that all the time in real life but that's what makes watching them on TV interesting..

Bottom line, if I ever had the chance to try out travel hosting, I would give up eating meat for like.. ONE WHOLE WEEK!

So anyway I'll be heading to Bangkok this Friday, and I was thinking to myself, how can I not go and do the usual stuff there? You know, shop, eat, massage, all the touristy stuff..  And I thought to myself, why do people want to visit Thailand, and more specifically, Bangkok?

Simple, the ladies go there for the cheap clothes, relaxing massages, and for just plain amazing pampering..

The lads? Haha, trust me I know, ZE CRAZY NIGHTLIFE!

So anyways, I stayed in Thailand for a month for my post-poly grad trip. Yes, a month in Thailand, and funny enough I got sick of Bangkok after a week, I enjoyed Chang Mai so much more! I took an overnight train and it was such a beautiful experience. Well yeah so there were mosquitoes in the middle of the night, but the sunrise was to die for. Imagine waking up, and looking out of the window to see misty fields with the morning sun in the backdrop. The weather was chilly but still very pleasant .

My friend and I took one of those tribal tours and we stayed in a native village for about 2 nights. We trekked with a nice mix of people, some from Switzerland, France, the UK  and really got to know them over beers by the campfire at night. The best part was when we reached a waterfall at the end of the trek, one which was totally unspoiled! Only the local folk knew where is was, and sigh, it was magical. DAMN I WANNA GO BACK NOWWWW!!!

Sigh unfortunately I don't think I'd be able to find anything similar on this upcoming trip to Bangkok. I hope I'm not being too harsh but I honestly feel that it has gotten too commercialized to have a truly special experience. All the clubs, shopping districts, Muay Thai fights, to me they have all lost their MOJO if you know what I mean. It's like wherever you go, once people know you're a tourist, they either want to make a quick buck or CON ALL YOUR MONEY!

I'm sorry Bangkok, I'm probably doing you a huge injustice but I've just had too many unsavoury memories of you. I really hope that this upcoming trip changes my opinion about you, because I know there are so many things to enjoy. So, anywho, I'm just going to head over with an open mind and kick back and enjoy my holiday. Because everyone knows, the most important part of a holiday is the people you go with!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Liebster Award

Now, I was 3 of a quarters way through this VERY VERY Intellectual post about how much I love making/eating pies and I found this comment on my blog.


Stumbled across your blog a few days ago, love how modest you are! Definitely an inspiration to younger actors. ^^ The filming sounds so tough, I think I felt a little similar doing the Duke of Edinburgh hike. Looking forward to seeing the final result!

I tagged you for the Liebster award btw! Thought it would be nice to see how a male would answer these questions differently to a female! Maybe do it if you have some free time! :)

So, being the distracted person I am, I went to google what on earth a Liebster Award meant, and then found out that PLUMI has a blog too! (And I have to say, she is much prettier than I am, Her blog is way neater as well) So anyway it was really interesting reading what this is all about and well, I've answered all of them in an truthful manner ok! No Censorship! (Done in 10mins Whee!)

By the way, comments rock. They make me feel like someone is talking back to me :)


1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves

2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and create 11 questions for the people you've tagged to answer

3. Choose 11 people and tag
them in your post.

4. Go to their page and tell them!

5. No tag backs!

1. Tell me one of your bad habits

I am known as Mister "Off" in the house. I annoy my family constantly by switching off any appliance that is not being guarded by a human being.

2. If you had to be an animal what would it be

A horse, they are just really handsome animals
3. Favourite dessert?

Chocolate Ice cream, damn I am boring OR WHUT!

4. Tea or coffee?

Tea, English breakfast with 2 sugars and a dash of milk please.

5. What colour is your underwear HAHAAHAA

uh it's sleeping time now, so commando?

6. Do you believe in horoscopes?

No way Jose!

7. What's your favourite fruit?

WATERMELON, NO! MANGO!, NO! KIWI! ugh, shoot me already.

8. How many bedrooms does your house/flat/where you are living have?


9. What is the most you are willing to spend on one item of clothing?

Depends who the item is for.

10. What beauty product can you not live without?

 Soap. I am a hygiene freak

11. What's the time?

Now, Here are the questions Plumi asked me!

1. If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?

Take a long shower

2. If you could have any super power, what would it be?

 The ability to un-gay people who I think are hot.

3. Would you rather be too hot, or too cold?

Too cold, cause it's nice to snuggle by the fireplace

4. Who is your role model? And why?

Freddie Ljunberg, Cause he was freaking hot and a hero for ARSENAL!

5. If you could invite any 3 people, dead or alive, to a dinner party, who would they be?

Leo dicaprio, Jamie Oliver and lastly, a waiter (who can wash the dishes as well).

6. Are you a morning person, or a night person?

Morning, shocking right.

7. If you could go back, to one moment in your life ,what would it be?

The time when I did something wrong in the army :(

8. What is your current favourite song?

Dishwalla - Every little thing

9. Would you rather eat poo flavoured chocolate, or chocolate flavoured poo? (courtesy of my lovely brother >_<)

I'd shove it down his throat, one at a time, and see which he thinks is less disgusting

10. What part of you do you find the most attractive?

My triceps

11. What is your ringtone?

So anyway, I think the idea is for me to come up with 11 questions for other people to do as well. And since I don't know that many bloggers I'm gonna leave it open ended, meaning anyone who sees this can just go ahead and give it a shot.

Q1. How often do you exercise?

Q2. Which animal best describes your best friend?

Q3. Are you a park or beach person?

Q4. Do you prefer your partner/ future partner to be shaved or not?

Q5. What is the one country you want to visit before you pass on?

Q6.Complete this sentence. Vegetarians are..

Q7. What is the moment which changed your life completely? (aside from being born)

Q8. One person who you admire the most?

Q9. Poultry or seafood?

Q10. How many hours of sleep do you get on the average?

Q11. Most annoying song you've heard recently?