Thursday, 9 August 2012

There's a spark in you, you just gotta ignite the light, and let it shine

Who hasn't, when they were young, dreamt of being famous? Being some model, celebrity footballer, or actor? When I was young, I always day dreamed of giving random interviews to journalists. Coming up with all sorts of witty answers to keep them coming.

We always hear celebrities whining, "oh my life is so hard, the hours I have to work, the travelling to far flung exotic countries are such a pain. What do I do with all these money?" #%$^#^#!!!

You just feel like kicking these guys in their arses, don't you? We think to ourselves, dude, you are famous, you have a ton of money and you are complaining about a bit of work? Shame on you man!

So, I guess for myself, entering this whole acting business was a real eye opener for me. And I guess you know, since I got the chance to do this, I should tell everyone what really goes on on set. How acting is like (at least from my perspective), what we see, the things we have to do.

Okay so, I've done my fair share of student films, and they were interesting. But eventually I wanted to get paid for doing stuff, natural right? So I moved on to TVCs, these were a little more fun. Because I got paid. And well people treat you nice.

So moving on to movies (plural because Ah Boys to Men is a 2 parter! haha it counts ok!), my first day on set was a pure WOW moment. I mean I got to hang out with Irene Ang (my mother), and there was like almost 40 people scuttling around the set doing stuff. I mean they weren't hanging around slacking and all, they were rushing with lighting, props, some doing paperwork and all that..

And yeah, there is a fair bit of waiting going on. And at the start it bothered me cause I'm an impatient person and I don't like to sit around doing nothing. But after a couple of days, then weeks, I realized that every moment the veteran actors get to wait, they rest (meaning zzZZzz). Because acting is pretty tiring, honestly, like being able to constantly focus on giving your lines, and then cutting into different scenes of the movies, remembering emotions, what happened in the scene before this and all of that. It's confusing and when you mess up, you feel shitty, you feel like you are wasting the camera crew's time, the lighting people's time, everyone is staring at you..

"There are 3 things that are the most unpredictable when shooting, extras, babies, and animals" Well, from what I see, so many things can cause a NG (not good) take as well. Aeroplanes (too many of those around tekong), lighting (especially outfield when the leaves shift and the sun phases in and out), random people walking around set, the list goes on and on.. Oh yeah, and if I screw up.

Man this is getting so negative, but well it's the truth. Acting is hard work, we work >12 hours a day, and sometimes we have to work consecutively for 10-20 days at a go, with no off days. We have no time for a life, other than the project that is going on. Imagine leaving the house around 6am and coming back at 8-9pm on a daily basis, and don't get me started on overnight shoots. But I'm not gonna start bitching about my life, cause DAMN, at the end of the day, I LOVE MY JOB!

 The good side of being an actor. Well there are plenty. But I think I won't really experience them until the movie is out. Haha but I have a famous friend, who does youtube videos (not gonna say who), and just today, during rehearsals, he poped out for 10 mins, and came back with 2 pairs of shoes! LIKE WTH?

Turns out he's representing some brand and he just went to the store and got them for free!??!!! You just wanna beat them and SHOUT WHAAAYTTTTTT!!! WHY DON'T I GET THEM FOR FREE AS WELL??!!*Y%*@*%TQ.

Lifestyles of the rich and the famous. Damn can I please have that too?

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