Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Money Money Money, how I love you Honey

Recently I read a blog post which was unusually interesting. It was by a girl called Rachel, and she talked about her relationship with her boyfriend, and how she was so proud of him for being mature when it came to managing his money. In a nutshell, her boyfriend made a gift for her birthday, instead of buying one. And accompanying the gift, he wrote her a note explaining that he was sorry he couldn't buy her a gift because he simply couldn't afford it. The next year, he then bought her a birthday gift with his own money, after he got a stable job.


Now this post is exceptionally interesting for a couple of reasons. The first being the content, I really don't want to come across as being an asshole but the truth be told, I've seen very few blogs written by females that contain actual meaningful content. In my humble opinion (I may be wrong) the majority of the blogs contain pictures and then musing of everyday life or the occasional comment regarding current events. I'm not saying this is wrong, and I fully understand why they do this. Who doesn't prefer to look at pictures of pretty girls rather than stare at paragraphs of overly "Chim" English wrtten by some pretentious douche???

Moving on, I just felt that it was really nice of her to be so understanding and more than that, appreciative of a man who is trying to live by his set of principles. His stance on wanting not to spend more than what he could afford really resonates with me. I'm not a rich guy, and it's true, I cannot afford what some other guys can, simple as that. However, I also don't believe in taking money from my parents. Ever since I enlisted in the army, from when I got my first pay cheque in BMT I decided that I wanted to be 100 % financially independent. Yes, it was tough living on the meagre salary of $450/month, but I decided it was time to grow up. Sure, I don't have to pay rent, and sometimes when I go out with my family they pay for my lunches, hey I'm not perfect (and can't afford to be, $$$ no enough). But I know some guys who take pocket money from their parents even when they are older than I am. I guess it's just a difference in personal choices and obviously I won't have the same spending power as them.


Anyway this post has somehow gotten a little egoistic and self indulgent, but I really just want to commend this fine young lady and say, "Good on you lassie!" I'm glad some things are more important to her than money or gifts. These ladies aren't easy to find nowadays, and thank goodness I've got a really good sexy chick as well!

Turning me from a crazy boy to a contented old man


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  1. I like this post of yours and agreed with what you've said. I enjoyed reading it. It shows that you're different from other guys too. Your girl and you are lucky to have each other! All the best in your life. :)