Thursday, 30 August 2012

What's wrong with the world mama?

Is it just me or is the world really negative nowadays? Why are there so many people dissing each other on the internet, or having cyber "fights"? I mean even dude to dude, from what I observe (quite sadly, I'm guilty as wel), we just can't resist putting each other down when the opportunity presents itself.

Okay example 1. A couple of months ago, I decided to upgrade my phone. I'd been using a non camera phone for awhile since I was in the army, and people were always bugging me to get a smart phone, like a blackberry or HTC. I was always satisfied with my small simple "INDESTRUCTABLE" Nokia, but I was tired of being left behind. So after some time, I went smart phone shopping and found one that I really really liked.

Somehow though, every time I went to meet my friends, the moment they laid eyes on my new phone you could sense a shift in the force (like a bunch of predators just waiting to lining up to shoot and scoot). They would attack my phone viciously, saying stuff like "WOAH NOKIA BANKRUPT ALREADY YOU STILL BUY FOR WHAT?" "Ee your phone so heavy and chunky, why you never get Samsung or Iphone?"

I suppose it just never occurred to them that I bought the phone because I liked it? And even if I bought it and later on regretted buying it, shouldn't they respect my decision? Okay, maybe I'm being overly sensitive and all, but I just don't think it's a very nice thing to do. Why can't everyone just be happy for their friends? Like if a friend of yours managed to get a house in say, Jurong West, shouldn't you be happy for them? "Woo! I'm glad that you managed to get a place!", and not "Woah you want to stay there ah? Got so many factories nearby, not smelly meh?"

Example 2, now this kinda conversation is really guy stuff but I'm sure everyone has seen it happen at least ONCE. "Eh, why you never order chilli? PUSSY AH?" Like WTF? Hello, one's tolerance for chilli has nothing to do with his manhood RIGHT?  Or like "Eh, your video is really damn fail, I don't know why you even try". That's damn bloody mean man, and sometimes us guys, we don't mean it as an insult, but rather, a joke. But is a joke at the expense of another person's self respect really necessary? Do we only feel better when we put someone else down?

I'm not trying to judge anyone else, because I myself, am guilty of that. I just think it's not right to crack a joke among the group and at the same time, hurt someone's self esteem. So, the bottom line is, what can be done about this social problem in today's world?


I just wish for everyone to be happy, sunny days (but cooler weather) and have goodilicious picnics all the time. So even when the storm comes, we'll just keep on dancing in the rain, and smile, cause everything will all be better soon. :)


  1. When i was reading this post i cant help but keep nodding while reading, occasionally laughing at the photos u chose to post. i must agree with what you say and i wonder the same thing all the time. why cant people just be kind? I'm quite surprised to see that a guy actually thinks this way, because most of the time my guy friends would be the insensitive ones and insult others as a joke.
    i always remind myself to be the person i want to meet, and certainly i won't wanna meet someone like thatttt.

    p/s: i enjoy reading these meaningful (and sometimes funny) thoughts of you :)

  2. Hey there! Aw thanks so much for your comment! Haha well, I'm sure loads of people feel the same way, it's just hard to show it all the time with the way society is these days..

    Anyways thanks for your support!

  3. wow! Great posts Joshua! (: not much of a reader of blogs unless it's food but nice one! makes me think more! so thanks for that and great random posts btw!

  4. omg, i have the same phone as you, Nokia Lumia right ? mine's pink tho, which really is helpful cos i use the phone colour to escape getting my phone confiscated by teachers.. esp the male ones....(but it doesnt matter anymore cos i finally finished Os and i can partyyyy). BTW , I REALLY LIKE AH BOYS TO MEN, AND YOUR ACTING IS REALLY REALLY GOOD, okay lah, plus your good looks...

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