Friday, 3 August 2012

Holland Village

I just had lunch over at Holland Village, and as I was walking around, trying to decide what to eat, I realized that most of my favourite eats are located here. There's the newly opened Hatched, crystal jade, subway, Mu Palor (gourmet burgers and has a bar on top), 3 crowns, and today I tried La nonna.

Now I'm sure you're looking at the Mu Parlour pictures and thinking. WOAHHHH THIS PLACE IS DAMN NICE. DAMN CHIC! And yes I tell you, even though the interior is a little girly for my taste, the FOOD IS SPOT ON!!! And the best part is that fellas, your ladies will be too busy admiring the view and interior decor to be bothered about how you are eating your burger. So you can eat it the way it is supposed to be, o lala.. 

I am a true blue burger lover and there is this one apple coleslaw burger that toally rocked my mouth. orgasinmouth. It is a tad pricey though at around $16-20 for a burger, which comes with fries. But it is so worth it. The fries are crisp, fresh out of the fryer, and you can actually taste the potatoes, not like those commercial kinds. The meat is juicy tender and is really complemented by the apple slices inside. Mine was so rocking I don't bother trying any other item on the menu, because as the old English saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

So back to today, La nonna is a nice little place which serves up rustic Italian food. Now correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that La nonna means grandmother in Italian. But I didn't see any grandmother preparing my food (unless it's the young male Pilipino chef, which means I must learn to change my preconception that all grandmothers must be female).

Now anyway I bet most of you guys think that Holland V is a pretty expensive place to eat at, and usually you would be right. Unless you look hard enough. I think I'm a bit of an auntie in the sense that I like to find a good deal. I don't enjoy haggling over prices to get the best bargain, but if I see a 1 for 1 lunch deal, I'm definately gonna give it a try.

So yup, it happens that la nonna is having this 1 for 1 lunch promo, which you can get a main course, pasta or pizza and get another for free. Pris and I ordered a Parma ham rocket pizza and a risotto(my first time trying) for all under $30. Not too shabby eh?

The rocket and parma ham pizza was really really delish, if a little big, only because we ordered a second course of risotto because it was 1 for 1. Oh I forgot to mention they serve bread as an appetizer after you order, and well I'm a huge bread fan, I love dipping it in olive oil and vinegar. But in all honesty, the bread here was a bit of a letdown, having tried some really nice ones at Bistro Du Vin and Pietrasanta at Wessex village.  

But of course considering the price la nonna was rocking. I would definately go back, provided it's lunchtime.

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  1. this is crazyy awesome food! it's getting more and more fun reading your posts. (: and i must say that you're a pretty considerate writer. good job there!