Monday, 20 August 2012

Birthday Bashing up the Blues

I turned 22! but it was quite a sucky feeling cause I'm finally free from the army and yet, i had to celebrate my birthday hairless.. So yeah it was a abit of a bummer that way. But as I reflect on my life, I've noticed the changes in me, through my previous birthdays.

Like when I was in secondary school, it would be all about what gift I wanted to get from my parents, my friends yada yada yada. Then in my poly days it would be about which cool club I wanted to open a table at, that sorta thing.. Which was fun, who doesn't love getting high with your favourite party people?

But nowadays, I guess I just enjoy chilling more. I suppose this is what getting old does to people, it takes all the fun out of you. Now, even I find myself boring, I'm surprised I even still have friends. And yet, with another year passing by, somehow I find myself appreciating life just that bit more. Argh I'm boring enough as it is, no need to get all philosophical now.. ANYWAY THIS WAS HOW I SPENT MY BIRTHDAY. I GOT THIS BADASS YACHT AND SAILED OVER TO SOME MYSTERIOUS ISLAND WITH HOT CHICKS AND GOT REALLY HIGH AND ONE THING LED TO ANOTHER.

 pfttt I wish. Maybe next year. AND MOVING ON, so here's how my 22nd really went down. Had a real nice dinner with my friends from my secondary school days. Went to a really relaxing joint,  Da paolo pizza bar down by chip bee gardens (except for the screaming kid in the next table). Really good food paired with fantabulous company. Me and the other birthday girl! (19 AUGUST FTW!!!
Here's a lil sneak at what we had. (tobehonest, the white based pizzas are way better than the red)

So then the next day popped by the set to visit the crew as they were filming the robinson road scene. Really mega epic, and it looks promising as well. Hope it turns out nice on screen!

Then had dinner with the lady boss, had BRITISH PUB GRUB at vivo at this place called The Queen & Mangosteen @Vivo. With a name like that, how can you not try it? And it was really good, hahaa I've always wanted to try authentic british food cause of dear Jamie Oliver. I watch his shows all the time and he is really inspiring! I've been wanting to try fried rabbit for the longest time but haven't been able to find it in Singapore yet! Argh! seems like the only way is to catch or borrow a rabbit and do a bit of experimentation. 

Finally ended off with a family lunch at Marina Mandarin. Tell me about the amount of food I've been eating the past couple of days. And honestly, I've lost so much weight since I started filming, almost everyday eating Bee Hoon breakfast (unless I manage to steal some prata from the muslims), Chai Peng lunch, then again Chai peng for dinner when I come back home. I DESERVE TO EAT OK! I CALL THIS WEIGHT TRAINING!


 Heh and there's a super cute picture of my dad so I just want to show him off.



  1. I just love reading you blogs! Your posts always make me smile whenever i read it. You're just so amazing. Love your photography skills too! You're just my idol and role model. I love the recent movie too! Your acting skills were great. When will Serangoon Road come out and which channel will it be shown on? I'm excited!!! Hope you have an awesome day! :D

  2. Hi Charlene!

    Wow, thank you so much! It feels really good to know that someone appreciates my writting style and gets it.. Uhh hehe to be honest some of the photos are just taken from google (because I don't usually take that many photos..)

    Anyway I'm really glad you liked Ah Boys To Men..

    Serangoon Road is still in production and will most likely be airing on HBO, I'm not entirely sure which other channels it'll be shown on..

    You have a FANTABULOUS DAY AS WELL! hehe :)

  3. Haha! Your welcome! Okay, thanks! Hope we could chat on twitter soon! Could you follow me? @charleneyyl :) Thanks for your reply! Really appreciated it;DDD