Tuesday, 31 July 2012

White men are bigger and better. REALLY MEH?

So this debate isn't really new. I bet it's been going on since Sir Stamford Raffles landed in Singapore, and the British started uh, well, mixing with the local population.

So anyway, it's a really touchy subject among Singaporean men, because the reigning perception has always been that well, white men are superior to local men.

Funny, how come it only applies to men. Does that mean that white women are superior to local women as well? The fact of the matter is that there aren't that many local guy snagging white women, the reasons are probably open to debate. But the underlining fact is that if seeing a Caucasian man with a local woman is strange, seeing a local man with a Caucasian woman is like WTH???

As a Australian Asian, I've been back home quite a few times, and somehow, being raised in Singapore, every time I go back, and go to the mall, the market, train station whatever, I'm constantly baffled. Baffled at how DAMNED GOOD LOOKING THESE ANG MO MEN ARE! Now I consider myself to be slightly above average in the looks department, I know I'm no Brad Pitt, but hey, I'm no slouch okay. BUT when I'm over there and these big Aussie guys are smiling and goofing around, I feel pretty small and un-beautiful.

Okay so they are firstly, taller, bigger sized , have nice curly hair (we have those too, just that in different places), and are just so darn confident. Which begs the question. WHY?

Well for the first part, they are of course Caucasian, so genetically they are obviously different from us, hence the size superiority. Since we (small people) are looking at them (big people), we will naturally will have a slight inferiority complex. And well since they (big people) are looking at us (small people), they will naturally feel more confident. But that's a superficial look at things.

I know the culture over here is for guys to stay with their parents even after they are 21, which is fine. For numerous reasons, the price of rent, the low salary, yada yada yada... Over there however, it is pretty normal to move out relatively young, some as young as 18, but the majority when they hit 21, will start to live by themselves. Which breeds independence.

You can say, hey! Singaporean guys go through NS OKAY! IT MAKES US REAL MEN! Fair point, I myself having gone through NS and can vouch that I learnt plenty of life experiences after going through NS, it was a time where I grew. I really cherished my family after that. But did NS teach me independence? Not really. I still had to depend on my mates for practically everything, from day to day living to exercises and all that.

What does independence mean? And what does it do to a person?

Now now, before you jump to any conclusions, I'm not saying which is better. I tell you Singaporean MEN have more than a few things going for them. I dare say, that Singaporean men are in general more family orientated than Ang Mo men. We are also sacrificial in our own ways. We may not do the obvious gentlemanly stuff, but we are very sincere. Well in general at least.


Thursday, 26 July 2012


The first thought that comes to my head when I think about bloggers in Singapore is that there is a gap in the market. There are 3 really famous people that come to mind when I think about bloggers...


Qiu Qiu

And finally, Steven Lim.

(Hope I'm not infringing any copyrights by taking your pictures off your blogs, please don't sue meeeeeee!)

Now I do not mean this in a bad way but I don't really think there is a really famous straight (I think) guy blogger besides Steven Lim. And well I hope there's room for one more, hopefully me!!

Haha, so anyway, here's me having a go at the blogger market, saturated as it is.. The thing is, I guess the recent trend nowadays is youtube Vlogs or something like that. Which is fine, cause I have friends (whom I have met recently, namely Noah Yap and Tosh Rock) who are doing really well, and I'm happy for them, really. But somehow, even though I'm an actor, doing a monologue to a camera isn't really my thing..

I guess I prefer to weigh in on current events, or rather talk nonsense, safely behind a computer, where I can be nerdy with my specs.
Hmmm so I guess a self introduction is in order, well, I'm Joshua, nice to meet you. I was born in Melbourne, Australia but raised here in Singapore! 


I go back to Aussie land on a regular basis cause I have family there and was supposed to return back there to do my Uni after ARMY BUT THEN! I GOT MY BIG BREAK IN ACTING! hahaa Mister Jack Neo cast me as the lead in the movie "Ah Boys To Men", where I got to meet loads of famous people like Irene Ang, Richard Low (mostly remembered for his LIM BEI Scenes), Lao Zha Bo, Qiu Qiu , Noah, Tosh, the list goes on.

Here are some pictures taken at the recent press conference of ABTM!

So yeah, I guess things have been kinda crazy in a good way recently, and I've never been so tired in my life (albeit a happy kind of tired). Been learning from the veterans and hoping that my best will be good enough for this movie.

Ta da, that's all for my first post. Hope it didn't bore anyone to death, yet. I guess some feedback would be helpful if you have any CONSTRUCTIVE feedback to give. Hahaa toodle loo.