Sunday, 10 November 2013

Five things I believe that fellas can do to score that illustrious second date.

Now first and foremost I must insert a disclaimer here, I am no love guru, I am no relationship expert and I am most certainly no Dr Phil. But yeah I'm bored and I haven't updated this blog for ages and I figured that since it's the holidays, for most people, it's time to hook up! Haha and I mean this in the most innocent sense possible, you know with more time on people's hands, traditionally I believe that this is the time when guys start asking girls out and girls generally have nothing better to do than to give a guy a chance. Now this chance is extremely important, because if the first date goes well, who knows who far the relationship could go. So I've decided to give my two cents worth on how to rock a first date. Josh-style.

1. Do your damned homework. Obviously in most cases you talk to the girl for a little while before she agrees to go on a date with you, and yes sometimes the odd lightning bolt lands and you go out with someone you are complete strangers with, but more often than not you do some talking beforehand. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  While talking usually refers to a proactive action, by talking I actually mean listening. So I actually mean, listen, like really listen, it's easy to look at a girl and see her lips moving and hear what she is saying while your brain is working, thinking of a million other interesting topics or cool facts or jokes to bring up. Listening actually can help, heaps! I think it also pisses a girl off if you ask her something she has already said, like 3 seconds before? So yeah listening and understanding and getting to know the girl is pretty damn important in making her feel that she matters, and actually connecting with her. So how do we apply this in the date scenario? Easy peasy you can be so much more attractive if you weren't so smelly.. Simple stuff like if she mentioned to you that she likes puppies, instead of getting her roses or some other floral species on the first date, maybe get a cute lil soft toy of a puppy of something along those lines, she could find it refreshing, and it shows that you listened and you are making an effort to understand her, and it could well make her appreciate the gesture (hopefully, fingers crossed).

2. Be a gentleman. Chivalry ain't dead just yet, and believe me when I say, you can spot a gentleman a mile away. While this is usually a characteristic that could and should be cultivated while we are young, it doesn't mean that it is ever too late to start. In my opinion, small simple actions make a big difference. Even just holding a door open for a lady to enter a restaurant, or offering to hold her bag (which I am told does not look good on us by many of my lady friends, but then again I am sure offering to help can't be a bad thing).

3. Don't be in a hurry. To be honest, I've been on a few first dates which I thought would end badly but somehow they didn't. Chemistry can take awhile to develop and contrary to popular belief, you aren't always gonna get lucky and have an instant connect, a la love at first sight. I think just making sure you don't rush into things and don't pressure people, if there's something there, time will allow it to develop and if it's meant to be, grow into something beautiful, eventually.

4. Clean your crap up. Like really, a good long bath really cannot hurt your chances when it comes to the ladies. Some girls like guys unshaven, some like guys shaven, but I think it's pretty safe to assume that most girls like guys who do not smell like they have just finished running a marathon. Let's not kid ourselves here, we all have a sense of smell, and YOU KNOW IF YOU SMELL, SO DOES SHE!!! So yeah please take an effort, you don't have to wear expensive cologne and I understand that it gets hot and sometimes shit happens, but as far as you can, do the world a favour and take a damned shower.
5. Take a chance. This doesn't only apply to going in for the kill. Haha omg I have this hilarious story of me when I was 14, trying to hold a girl's hand and failing miserably. Since I'm feeling rather talkative, here I go! I was on a date in town with a girl I'd been going out with for about 6 months, and I hadn't plucked up the courage to hold her hand yet (what a loser right?). SO anyway, I was super determined that day to go in for the kill and hold her hand. I got to the point when I was just watching her hand swing to and fro as we were walking, I was taking my time, aiming, making sure I'd get it, and then... I WENT FOR IT! I was about to touch it but then for some reason she lifted her hand a second before impact, and I actually ended up touching her LEG! OMG HAHAHAHA I WAS SO SHOCKED, AS WAS SHE! She looked up at me and her face was like WTF??? I was so embarrassed I was like, "Oh there was a mosquito on your leg...". Haha yeah okay so believe me peeps I understand that sometimes when you take a chance, they don't always work out. But anyway c'mon fellas, we gotta man up. And this doesn't only apply to making the first move, it applies to thinking creatively. Like I don't know about you, but I am so sick of dinner and movie dates. Like come on! Try something new! Go cook together or head to the beach, or ride bicycles or something. THERE HAS TO BE SOMETHING COOL TO DO BESIDES A MOVIE AND DINNER, I HAVE FAITH IN HUMANITY.

So anyway there you go. I hope this helps, because if it doesn't, I think I will get a ton of unhappy comments on this post. Haha but yeap just my two cents worth, try it, if it fails, you can have your money back :)

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Let go, let god

You just have to let go. All your niggling worries at the back of your mind. "I really hope it actually happens and things don't screw up at the last minute". What's the point? Worrying isn't going to change anything, in fact, it just makes you feel plain crappy, jumpy and cranky. I've come to realize this in my own life. If people want me to work on certain projects, it means I'm good enough. If nobody is interested in me, it's simple, I'm just not good enough. If god wants me to be successful in something, nothing can stand in my way. Likewise, if I am not meant for it, no matter how hard I try, or whatever plans I come up with, things just simply won't work out for me. It's actually incredibly liberating, knowing that if god is in control of your life, you really needn't worry about the future.

Sometimes  you end up in certain places in life whereby it gets tough, and you question whether you can make it through, you want to simply throw in the towel and give up.  I believe that these are really important times in our lives. It is only through trials that human beings grow, we toughen up, we learn from hard experiences and we mature. Tough times are necessary to be all that we are meant to be. In order to make a beautiful glass work, you have to heat it to a very high temperature, let it soften, and then slowly, shape it until it is moulded into something truly exceptional.

Obviously it is never easy when we are going through difficult and trying times, and it is really easy to look around and despair. However, if you know that you will grow, and emerge a stronger person after whatever situation you are going through, it will be easier to endure. It's always easier to endure when you have an end in sight. (I want to digress and talk about how I can never run on a treadmill because it seems like I'm not going anywhere compared to running outdoors but yeah that's besides the point.)

So yeah anyway I just hope this encourages anyone who is going through a particularly tough or unpleasant time. It could be a bad break up, it could be bad grades even after you've studied so hard, or it could be some tragedy in your family. Don't give up! Things will improve and you will be a better person after you go through it.
The night is darkest just before the day breaks.


Thursday, 8 August 2013

Sometimes doors open and others they remain shut

Biding your time and doing nothing are 2 completely different things

It's only human to focus on the missed opportunities rather than what we have been blessed with. I guess we are just so caught up with the disappointment on not having more that we take the things we have for granted. I am sad to say that I will not be involved in the next movie "The Lion Men" with the rest of my bros due to scheduling reasons, and it's easy to blame school for me missing out. I was originally slated to be a part, but the production got delayed and as I have to head back to school, I won't be able to make it. Obviously at the start I was disenchanted and frustrated at this setback.
However, I'm sure this is what life is like, sometimes you win and get what you want, and other times you simply don't, this is a maturing process for me. Learning to deal with setbacks in life and overcoming them. Furthermore, I've been so blessed already, in my short time back in Singapore alone, I've filmed a Chinese New Year Telemovie with Felicia Chin, snagged another endorsement deal and have another super exciting movie slated to shoot at the end of the year. If not for Ah Boys To Men, I'd be a regular guy, going to uni, without experiencing what I have in my short 1 year career as an actor. And thinking about it, this is just my first year, and I haven't even started focusing on this full time yet! If my first year as an actor has been so fruitful, I can only imagine how much further I have to go, and be hopeful for the future.  I want to stay in this industry for a long time, focusing on things in 5 to 10 years down the road are more important than immediate benefits. I'm learning so much in uni, and am maturing as a person, there are so many things I want to pursue further and improve like dance, martial arts, and improving my craft as an actor.
Ah anyway, time to share with you guys what I've been up to this past month! So I filmed this new Telemovie called "Hong Baos and Kisses" slated to be released on Chinese New Year next year! Getting the chance to star alongside Felicia Chin was a great honour and huge learning opportunity for me. She's a real friendly and generous person, and would always help me with my mandarin. (hehe oh! and I forgot to say, this is my first role in mandarin!, haha please don't laugh at me so much when you see the show ok? I tried my best!)  Oh and other famous people who were involved are Amy Cheng (I grew up watching her on "Growing up"! haha ok what a lame attempt at a joke) Jimmy T, and Jerry. They were all a pleasure to work with, and am super excited at seeing the final product soon!

Oh and I got the chance to reunited with my boss Director Jack Neo to film a TVC as part of my endorsement with Breadtalk's latest venture Thye Moh Chan! They produce traditional handcrafted teochew confections like these! Super DELISH! You can check out their website here,

Hehe so anyway stay tuned cause the TVC is coming out around September, and I think it turned out pretty well!


MMmm So that's it for my short trip back to Sunny Singapore! I'm heading back to my winter wonderland in Melby. Oh and here's a short write up Channel News Asia did of me, thanks CNA! :)

You just can't rush certain things, if it's meant to be, it will happen in its own time and place.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Go Hard or Go Home

Life's tragedy is that we get old too soon and wise too late- Benjamin Franklin
I love taking the road less travelled. Sometimes that means being a bit of a nerd and taking a chill pill, other times it means going on an adrenaline rush! That being said, I understand that statement is a paradox in itself, but isn't life full of them just the same ? Why can't a person be a laid back bloke but love the occasional high octane rush that adventure sports bring?

Recently I got the chance to tackle climbing an actual mountain in the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. It was an amazing scenic drive (3 hours from Melbourne), here's a picture of the mountain!

It looked really so high up, but on a whim I decided, hey, I've driven all this while to get here, I might as well try scaling that beautiful peak located up in the clouds. I actually didn't bring trekking shoes along, but turns out, as long as you are careful, you don't really need them. So up up and away we went! Taking the winding pathway up into the misty depths further up the mountain. There was a landslide sometime back and this was the result! Looks scary eh?

So anyway after about an hour or so of trekking I finally made it to the top! I know you can't see much but I am actually lying next to the edge of the cliff, meaning if I fell down I would land right next to my car parked at the bottom. Haha you probably can't tell but I was actually very scared while taking the picture that the slab of rock I was lying on would tumble down and I would tell the world "That's all folks, Bye Bye!"

Another really exhilarating activity I tried recently was paintball! I AM SO DARN GLAD I GOT TO TRY IT AGAIN, AT LAST! The last time I tried paintball was when I was in secondary school, and there was this school activity where the guys got to try it out. I remember being so excited getting the gear and putting it on and all. Finally, it came to my turn to play, and I stepped onto the playing grounds. The referee's whistle pierced the air "Beep!" AND THEN WHACK! I GOT SHOT IN THE HEAD! WHAT NONSENSE RIGHT! THAT MEANS THAT SOMEONE WAS AIMING AT ME BEFORE THE GAME EVEN STARTED! THE MOMENT THE WHISTLE WAS BLOWN I WAS OUT OF THE GAME! I was so upset la. Haha I even remember pleading with the referee to let me fire off just one shot, at the floor or something, but he said NO :(
Haha so anyway I finally got the chance to have a proper paintball match, and I have only one thing to say, IT IS DAMN SUPER PAIN WHEN YOU GET HIT! BUT IT IS SUPER FUN AS WELL! Haha plus in Melbourne I think I was one of the few people who fired a real weapon before so I kinda had an unfair advantage over the rest I guess (Oh and there were some teenage girls in the group so yeah.. haha)
Finally, to round off my adventure in Victoria, I went White Water Rafting!! Another super fun activity that is simply a must do! It is mega fun once you get the hang of navigating the kayak, and it's a 2 person kinda sport, so I think it'd be a great option to try something exceptional, something your date would never expect!

But yeah I really recommend everyone having a go at something different. You only live once and life is too short for regrets. Life has its ups and downs but I love it anyway PEACE!

Sunday, 2 June 2013

About Soccer and Korean Noodles

Hi Everyone! Sorry I know I keep saying this but I really have been so busy, it's hard to keep this blog alive :( Gahh! So Anyway my school term is almost over and I realized, I only have about another year till I'm done with UNI! I'll be a grad! Haha that's crazy, I never thought that I was the studying sort of person but hey, this semester has been really super interesting. I've learnt stuff I never would have, and I managed to pursue my interests in History. I've found out stuff about Medieval Europe, like the Middle Ages, after the fall of the Roman Empire and all the petty squabbling by the Kings and the Pope. GAHH I AM SUCH A NERD! HAHA BUT I DO REALLY LOVE THIS STUFF!

Hmm so anyway I've been having a fun time hanging out with the Monash soccer team, never thought I'd play with French, Italian, German, South African, Irish, British peeps, AHHH the list just goes on and on.. Thought I'd just share with you some soccer pics.. TA DA!



Oh another really exciting thing that has happened to me recently is that I went back to Singapore for a few short shoots. And, I am proud to announce that I am the new spokesperson of Nong Shim in Singapore! For all of you who don't know, Nongshim is actually the leading brand of noodles in KOREA! AND PSY EVEN SUBMITTED A VIDEO OF HIMSELF ASKING NONGSHIM TO LET HIM ENDORSE THEIR PRODUCT! HOW COOL IS THAT?

Hehe so yeah, it is a real honour for me to be nongshim's ambassador to Singapore. Do you know what's the best part? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEIR NOODLES! They are my favourite brand! Haha I think I'll be super contented having an endless supply of Nongshim noodles :)

Yeap, and finally the other shoot in Singapore was for IFitness, anddddd I WILL BE ON THE COVER OF THEIR UPCOMING ISSUE WHICH IS ABOUT TO BE RELEASED IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS! AHAHA SO HAPPY! Then in another 2 weeks or so, I'll be back to Singapore to take on more projects. I'm really thankful beyond words for the blessings that God has given me. Being able to maintain my career as well as studies at the same time. Sure, it isn't easy, and it's really tiring, but I am fulfilling my dreams and LIFE IS AWESOME I CAN'T COMPLAIN!

So I hope that everyone will strive towards their goals, hopes and dreams. It certainly isn't easy, but dreams can come through, mine did. GO ON AND ROCK THE REST OF 2013!
Joshua out.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Energizer bunny


April has been such an exciting month! Between the assignments, the boring day to day life, I've had 2 really exciting trips in 1 month! Awesome April! Haha lameo.. Anyway I went on a surfing trip to Anglesea and Torquay, which are along the great ocean road, for a wonderful surfing trip over the Easter weekend. And then went to Taipei with my Bros!

Surf's up Brooahh! But before I start with the surfing, the journey to Great Ocean Road was beautiful. It is really a beautiful drive, especially for those who appreciate magnificent views of the ocean from a high up vantage point. It's only about an hour or so drive from the city, so it's not that tiring, and it's a nice quiet place you can go to recharge, the cafes, pubs and restaurants here are pretty good! But I think that those who need a lot of entertainment and shopping may not enjoy this place as much. This place caters to more of the outdoors-y kind of people, with plenty of activities like trekking, biking, surfing, fishing, all that kinda stuff.

Which brings me onto the surfing. Boy oh boy, have I found an adrenaline rush that I simply can't get enough of. Yeah it's true that it doesn't sound as exciting as sky diving or other kinds of adventure sports, but I am hooked on it. My sister and I tried a 2 hour long lesson on surfing in which they taught us the basics, and within an hour almost the entire class were up, standing on the boards! Even the young kids and grandpas were doing it! So if they could do it, so can you!

So... Taipei. What a trip! First of all, let me describe to you the arduous journey from Melbourne to Taipei. There are no direct flights, so I had to take a 9 hour flight to HK, then a 2 hour connecting flight to Taipei, which would be bearable, if my second connecting flight hadn't been delayed by a ridiculous 3 hours! I thought that was bad but in my return flight I had to wait for 6 hours in transit, for a grand total of 20 hours spent travelling from Taipei to Melbourne.. So tired but in the end I still had to do this at the Taiwan GALA! HAHAA
Haha But the trip more than made up for the awful flights. I got to hang out with my bros again.. Take photos of them being absolute pigs on the roadtrips to the various filming locations. And being pigs yet again when we ordered room service! (first time in my life I could order it!, FELT LIKEABOSS!)

Yeapp so Taiwan was awesome fun. LOADS OF SHOPPING HAHA I bought like 6 jackets? Cause it's getting so cold here in melby.. AND THE FOOD! OMG I've been so deprived of good chinese food since I've been in melbourne.. I JUST WENT CRAZY! Haha I gained like 2kg in 3 days I think.. Anyway so this has how my life has been. Crazy, but SHIOK!